Mariah Carey- I'll Be Lovin U Long Time

Finally the new video for Mariah Carey's third single, of her studio album "E=MC²", called "I'll Be Loving You Long Time", premiered on Yahoo Videos.
Personally, I was very disappointed with the single decision, because I was hoping for "Migrate", which is a great track and has to be released, or "Side Effects". I think this song is kinda boring, but I prefer the video version with T.I.
If you want me to post the link for the song, tell me.


Anonymous said...

what up dude , god and simple articls out here , i like what you're doing , please if you give me this hit link , even that you said that is boring , but it doesn't matters , it's mariah carey man , like in case if you have a girl freind and you think that is the top of feminity , just look to mariah carey wearing two small pieces , and you'll know how much you're stupid and idiot in choosing shiks , any way i hope that you get me the link as fast as you could , and just post it in one comment , my best regards
x-one of your fans !

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