Alanis Morissette- Incomplete [New Single]

Canadian artist Alanis Morissette has already picked the upcoming single for her "Flavors of Entanglement". The second single, after "Underneath", which seeems not to perform well, will be "Incomplete". Although I'm not a really big Alanis fan, I like the single. I think Alanis should make a collaboration with James Blunt- don't know, but I think they fit well together.

Brandy- List [New Song]

Already four years has passed since R&B singer Brandy released her last album "Afrodisiac", back in 2004. Now she stated that she is working on her upcoming album since several months and so every now and then a new song leaks. This one is called "List" and it's an awesome track, I would choose it as the first single of the album.


Leona Lewis- Take A Bow [New Single]

Wow, I'm so happy- Friends have just told me, that Leona Lewis has decided to pull trough "Take A Bow" as the third single of the album here in Europe. I'm really thrilled, because it's a really lovely song with great vocals.
According to MTV Germany the single will be released in July that the video to the song has already been shot in London in July.
I think it's one of the best songs on the album "Spirit" and it had to be released, because I think it will perform great on charts.

Ne-Yo- Crazy [New Song]

Do u remember the snippet of a song by Ne-Yo called "LOVE", which leaked some few months ago? Anyway, today the full song leaked, but is actually called "Crazy".
Well, honestly I'm not that excited about the song, but I like it though. Remember that his new album "Year Of The Gentleman" will be released in September. I had some problems with the uploading, so you just have to open the file with Windows Media Player or the one that u use.

Jem- It's Amazing

I don't know if any of you knows Welsh singer Yem, but she is due to release the comeback single called "It's Amazing", which will be featured in her sophomore album "Down To Earth", available in September. The song has been featured in the soundtrack of "Sex and the City", but it's still unkown when the single will be released. It's that typical moderately slow song, which fits very well for radio airplay.

Mariah Carey- I'll Be Lovin U Long Time

Finally the new video for Mariah Carey's third single, of her studio album "E=MC²", called "I'll Be Loving You Long Time", premiered on Yahoo Videos.
Personally, I was very disappointed with the single decision, because I was hoping for "Migrate", which is a great track and has to be released, or "Side Effects". I think this song is kinda boring, but I prefer the video version with T.I.
If you want me to post the link for the song, tell me.


One Republic- Mercy [New Single]

And here it is, the new single of One Republic, which is called "Mercy" and was announced just some days ago. I think everyone knows who they are, after their massive hit with her single with music producer Timbaland.
If I remember well, this is the fourth single of their album "Dreaming Out Loud". Personally I don't want say too much, because I don't like rock so much, but I have to admit that it's a nice song.


Beyoncé & Alicia Keys [Bermuda Festival]

It has been announced that the organization of the Bermuda Festival has asked singer Beyoncé, if she wants to perform some songs at this event. The singer accepted and it's known that she will get paid 1,000,000 US Dollars for the gig. The second most paid entertainer is Alicia Keys, which will get a gage of 500,000 Dollars. Wow, I wonder from where this amount of money comes from!
Anyway, the Bermuda Festival is an event, which is hold annually in October.

Monrose- Hit and Run [New Song]

Now I'm gonna post a song by German pop group Monrose. Probably some of you already know songs of them like "Hot Summer", "Strictly Physical", "What You Don't Know" or "Strike The Match".
The new leaked song is called "Hit And Run" and is featured in their upcoming album "I Am". At the beginning of the song Iwas really feeling it and I thought "Wow, great song", but there's something missing in the chorus- don't know.

Katy Perry- Hot'n Cold [New Single]

According to rumors Katy Perry has already decided, which will be the next single of her album "One Of The Boys" and the follow-up of "I Kissed A Girl". It will be "Hot'n Cold", another pop/rock-oriented song.
When I first listened to the album, this song was one of the first tracks I really loved. But honestly the lyrics are childish and not really deep.

Christina Aguilera [Glamour Magazine]

Singer Christina Aguilera has been interviewed for the August issue of Glamour Magazine. I really enjoyed this interview, because there were a lot of interesting things she talked about, for example about the upcoming project. She stated that it will be about fun and will be influenced by Pop Art of the 60's and some modern influences. Then she talked about the relationship with her son and that the relationship with her mom got deeper since Max was born. If you want to read the whole interview click HERE.


Kylie Minogue- The One [New Single]

It has been announced that the fifth (and probably) final single of Kylie Minogue's album "X" will be "The One".
I'm really happy with this decision, because it's a great song and I'm really feeling this electronic vibe. But it's still unknown, whether this track will have a video or not- time will reveal. xD
Honestly, I'm not enjoying this music style so much, but although I liked the work of Kylie, especially with "In My Arms".

Kanye West - The Stalker Song [New Song]

Today I found another Kanye West song- it's another unreleased song and is called "The Stalker Song" (strange name, isn't it?). It's nothing special, but I still wanted to share it with you. If somebody knows, from where this song comes, tell me.

Rihanna- Rehab [New Single]

According to some reliable Rihanna will release another single in the United Kingdom. I'm talking about "Rehab", which should be released on 11th August.
According to some fonts, this single will be an A-side single along "Disturbia", which has been released in the United States.
Don't know if this is true, because I think it would have been better releasing "Disturbia" worldwide.

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